The Washington Post
January 14, 2009
“Pink Slips du Jour” by Kathleen Parker

The New York Times City Room Blog
February 13, 2009
“Wall Street Meets ‘The Real World'” by Emily S.Rueb and Patrick LaForge
February 24, 2009
“Online Relief for the Recession-Weary” by Jessica Ravitz

The New York Times
March 5, 2009
“Out of Work? Read a Recession Blog. Or, Better Yet, Write One. by Adam Cohen

Jornal Da Globo
March 6, 2009
“Americanos Perdem Emprego e Criam Blogs”

Fox News
March 6, 2009
Featured on Your World with Neil Cavuto

March 21, 2009
“Unemployed? Then Join the Club–Literally”
March 25, 2009
“Pretty Vacant”

The Miami Herald

March 31, 2009
“Pink Slip Precautions to Take with Your Healthcare” by Jodi Mailander Farrell

April 3, 2009
“Jobless Chic: Blogs Document Recession” by Amy Zimmer

New Hampshire Public Radio
May 12, 2009
“Working it Out: Unemployment Blogs” by Virginia Prescott

New Statesman
May 18, 2009
“Gainfully Employed” by Sophie Elmhirst

New York Post
July 13, 2009
“When the Going Gets Tough, The Unemployed Blog” by Sheila McClear


One response to “Press

  1. Sarah Varney

    Hi there,
    I’m a reporter working on a story for National Public Radio about insurance options for laid-off workers. Would you be willing to post the following on your blog?
    Hi there,
    I’m a health reporter with NPR and am doing a story about insurance options for laid-off workers. I am specfically looking to interview:
    1) a parent with school-age children who signed up for COBRA and are receiving the federal stimulus subsidy
    2) a parent with school-age children who DID NOT sign up for COBRA because it was still too expensive even with the subsidy.

    I’m specifically looking for people in Northern California — within about 3 hours driving distance of San Francisco. Thank you for your help!

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