Sorry for the Hiatus!

Sorry for the very long break I’ve taken from the blog. I’m still underemployed, without a full-time job. I freelance now and then, and I’ve been going on interviews weekly to no avail! I’m going to try to post weekly and let you know how it’s going. I’m personally fed up and frustrated. How many interviews does it take? For those of you who have managed to get work again, how long did it take you? How many interviews did you have to go on?



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How Many Résumés Does It Take?

Unfortunately, too many.  Via PostSecret

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Need a Website?

In this digital day and age, a website can be your key to success, but sadly most of us don’t know how to build websites or pay the big bucks it takes to hire somebody to do so.  Today is your lucky day.  Does your small business or non-profit organization need a website but can’t afford one?  Go to the Free Websites Foundation, submit your case to the e-mail address on the page, and who knows, maybe you’ll soon have a website that will get you out of unemployment!

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Senate Allows Unmeployment Extensions to Expire: Noooooooooo!!!

Looks like the Senate is going to let unemployment benefits expire for those of us who have been unemployed longer than six months.  How will I support myself now?  I have a few job prospects, but we’ll see…

My fingers are crossed!


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Internships: An Excuse Not to Pay?

In most industries, an internship is key to scoring a paid position.  In a lot of industries, an internship is also an excuse not to pay for labor.  Thankfully, states are starting to investigate whether internships violate minimum wage laws.  I’ve done several internships, and while some milked me for all they could get, others were a true learning experience.

Lately though, I’ve been noticing that they are taking the place of full-time employees.  Why pay somebody full-time when you could get somebody for free or much less than the cost of a permanent employee?  In theory this is an unfair practice, but so many companies are doing it, how would it be regulated?  What is the difference between work that interns should do and work that should be paid for?

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Underemployed or Unemployment Benefits?

As the long-term unemployed juggle between the choice of not enough work versus receiving unemployment benefits, government agencies are keeping tabs, causing many to rethink their decisions.  In a perfect world, we would all get full-time permanent jobs that would allow us to not live off of unemployment ever again!  It sucks that taking any work jeopardizes the amount of unemployment insurance you receive if the job is short-term.  Because if it’s between taking short-term job or part-time job that pays less than what I receive in unemployment, I would definitely think twice before taking the job.

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Overqualified, but Employed

The New York Times ran a story about an overqualified financial analyst who took a job running a claims department of a moving company after six months of unemployment.  I know these types questions have come up a lot during the recession.  Would you do a job that you’re overqualified for? to If I’m so overqualified, why didn’t they hire me? It’s sort of a double-edge sword.  People don’t want jobs they’re overqualified for and employers don’t want to hire people who are overqualified, so what to do when there are so few jobs at your level?


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