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Huffington Post Chronicles Unemployed College Grads

A staggering nine percent of college grads ages 16 to 24 are unemployed according to the Huffington Post. Check out ten of their stories here. Does a college diploma mean anything these days?


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Underemployed or Unemployment Benefits?

As the long-term unemployed juggle between the choice of not enough work versus receiving unemployment benefits, government agencies are keeping tabs, causing many to rethink their decisions.  In a perfect world, we would all get full-time permanent jobs that would allow us to not live off of unemployment ever again!  It sucks that taking any work jeopardizes the amount of unemployment insurance you receive if the job is short-term.  Because if it’s between taking short-term job or part-time job that pays less than what I receive in unemployment, I would definitely think twice before taking the job.

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Four “Laid Off and Looking” Bloggers Found Jobs

Back in January we wrote about a blog on called “Laid Off and Looking.”  Guess what? Four of the original bloggers have found a job!  That’s great.

…four of the eight original bloggers, and three additions, have landed full-time jobs. But they made compromises, many of them significant. Five took pay cuts of as much as 80%; at least three cuts exceeded 35%. Four changed industries. Four went from big-name employers to smaller firms. Two relocated. Some say blogging helped their search.

First Bridget, now these guys!  Maybe one of us will be next.  Definitely write us a note if you’ve been hired recently!

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Dear Cary, I Studied Journalism. Now What?

Today I came across this letter on Slate from a disgruntled journalism grad who has yet to find a job:

Dear Cary,

I spent the last four and a half years studying print journalism in college and watching vacantly as the newspaper/magazine industry crumbled before my eyes. The decline never bothered me. I always figured I had what it takes to get a job even in an extremely competitive market: Before I ever graduated, I had completed four internships at newspapers, magazines and a Web site, published almost a hundred clips (including longer, high-quality pieces), and left a good impression with everyone I worked with. I knew I wanted to be a journalist, and I knew that I wanted to write for a living.

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Canadians Catch on to Funemployment

Following suite of the LA Times, Canada’s Globe and Mail follows unemployed twenty- and thirtysomethings who are enjoying not working.  Does this idea make sense?  Is it okay to enjoy being unemployed?

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Billy Bush Orchastrates “Blood Bath” at Access Hollywood


No he didn’t have Nancy O’Dell fired…but he did convince those big wigs to can seven staffers on his daily show featuring the ins and outs of the lives of Amerikas celebutards! (I’m just speculating about BB being behind the firings, he may not had anything to do with it, but HE IS related to George W. so anything is possible!)

NBC, producer of the show, send out this BS comment regarding the pink slips, “We continue to think strategically about how we can conduct our business in this changing economy.” Maybe if they reported more about Jon & Kate Plus 8 their ratings would go up?!


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I <3 Funemployment

The Los Angeles Times discusses the phenomenon of funemployment—unemployed twenty and thirtysomethings who are not anxiety-ridden and stressed out about not having a job, but rather relaxed and living full lives.  Whether that’s due to family money, large severance checks or buyouts—it seems like the funemployed are happier without a job, hanging out, traveling or volunteering.

I know what they mean. I am lucky and I know that.  I qualify for unemployment, and a good friend is letting me live in his spare room—rent free—so I have enough money to survive.  For now.

Compared to the mind numbing 9 to 5 office jobs I’ve worked being free to do my own thing is wonderful.  I can work out for two hours, do last minute freelance work I get called for, and figure out what I really want to do. I know I’m not the only one and I’m so thankful I’m at that point where it’s back to my parents’ house.  I just figure, why make an unfortunate situation even more unfortunate?  After all, it’s all about making lemonades out of lemon, right?

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