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Huffington Post Chronicles Unemployed College Grads

A staggering nine percent of college grads ages 16 to 24 are unemployed according to the Huffington Post. Check out ten of their stories here. Does a college diploma mean anything these days?


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The New Trend of Dumbing Down Your Resume


I actually tried this a few months ago (I made an entirely “new” resume and everything, went to one of those placement agencies, got sent on a few interviews and it still didn’t work!) I guess I wasn’t convincing enough saying I was a lifetime executive assistant…But if The Wall Street Journal says it’s legit, then it must work for some people!

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Rich Kid That Paid $13k for Internship Spills Beans

extremethinker_huffington copy

A few months ago we reported on this new phenomenon of rich kids using their parents AMEX cards to literally BUY internships with various “media outlets” for ridiculous amounts of money.

Thankfully those hardworking journalists at Gawker hunted down the chica from Brazil that paid $13,000 to internship at The Huffington Post.  The best part is they actually got an email “interview” out of her! Here’s the transcript (try not to barf):

Why did she bid on this blogger-tunity?

Ariana Huffington is my God (should that be Goddess?) and I bow down to her. Writing for free is not enough for me. I would like to pay her to allow me to write. But seriously, The Huffington Post is a good place to be seen and is a good place to start a writing career. And after all, charity is good! I don’t know why you’re so against it on your website. Perhaps you’re forgetting the charity aspect.

What does she do, in the remainder of her time?

What do I do? Right now I’m taking a few classes. I also like to write. Right now I’m a correspondant for The Anti-Green Movement blog.

What is it she loves about Arianna so much?

The Huffington Post is just alright. I don’t like it how famous people think they are a knowledgeable source of information when they are not qualified at all. (*Cough* Jim Carrey in his article for Jenny McCarthy *cough*) I do like charity.

So, may we ask how you make your money, given your generous charitable proclivities?

No, you can’t ask.

Sadly Luisa has deleted her Twitter page now, but let’s be clear: we fully support this outrageous value being attached to a worthless unpaid blog internship. If this thing succeeds there is no limit to the number of internships we personally expect to be auctioning off, on the side. This new revenue stream could save the once-new media. Luisa, we are with you.
[Previously. And it’s not too late to bid!]

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Some Can’t Afford To Pay Their Mortgages

And luckily, I don’t have one.  What I do have are college loans.  Lots of them.  I stopped counting, but it’s either in the high five figures or low six figures.  That’s what one state school undergraduate eduacation plus one master’s degree from an Ivy will cost you.  Since funds are low, I can’t afford to pay them.  What happens when you don’t pay your loans?  You get a call like the one I got today from a bill collector.  Luckily, there are deferments and things like that to save your credit score, but I haven’t been able to get organized enough to figure out if I’ve taken care of all of mine.  I wonder if President Obama’s college education is paid off.  Columbia and Harvard aren’t cheap, that’s for sure.


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I Could Have Saved $150,000…


And just went to Community College!!  Because apparently there’s barely a difference anymore. Awesome!

Click here for the article.

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Congrats on that Pulitzer; Sorry We Laid You Off


Portfolio reports that among some of this years’ Pulitzer Prize winners are Paul Giblin and Patti Elper, two ex-employees at Arizona’s East Valley Tribune newspaper. Both were pink slipped in October when the paper axed its staff by 40%. (The other winner for the project, Ryan Gabrielson, is still at the paper.)

After the heave-ho by the traditional media, Giblin, Elper and two other ex-Tribuners started the Arizona Guardian, which covers local politics and government. Despite the whole being laid off thing Ms. Elper is still positive about her future.

She said, “It’s almost like I’m glad we’re not at the Tribune anymore because we’re doing our own thing and it’s pretty cool. And even though we’re not making any money, journalistically and professionally it’s really great and satisfying.”

What did the publisher have to say about laying off two Pulitzer winners?

“We’re just very happy as a newsroom overall that the work that was done was recognized at such a high level in the industry.”

“Clearly, given the choices we faced, or given the situation, obviously it would be nice if the outcome was a little bit different, but I don’t think it diminishes at all, frankly, the excellent work they did on that project and the recognition they are justly receiving as a result.”

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Become An On-The-Fly Paparazzo!


Get PAID For Your Celebrity Pictures

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