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Government Extends Unemployment Benefits

Can’t they just get employers to give the unemployed jobs instead?


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New York City’s Unemployment Numbers Go Down

WSJ reports that New York City’s unemployment numbers declined last month to 9.6 percent. I hope I can contribute to that number dipping soon. While I’m getting by on a combination of unemployment and freelance work here and there, I’m sick of the uncertainty of it all. One week yields enough work for two people, so I’m basically working day and night for a week, while another week brings nothing. None of my gigs are steady, so I’m constantly on the hustle, looking for every way I can to make money. I really hope New York City’s unemployment numbers continue to drop this month and that I’ll be a part of that!


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New York Times Wants Senate to Extend Unemployment

I saw this editorial on today calling for the Senate to extend unemployment benefits. I feel like this debate happens on a monthly basis, and once again, the Senate needs to vote. I know this is a controversial issue for many of you, but without these benefits, millions of Americans would be on the verge of homelessness without any means to support themselves. If there was a way to increase job growth, I’d be all for that. If someone gave me a full-time job, I’d be more than happy to accept, but until more people find work, unemployment benefits are the only way to keep going.

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Senate Allows Unmeployment Extensions to Expire: Noooooooooo!!!

Looks like the Senate is going to let unemployment benefits expire for those of us who have been unemployed longer than six months.  How will I support myself now?  I have a few job prospects, but we’ll see…

My fingers are crossed!


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Senate Puts Voting on UEI on Hold…We Anxiously Wait

TGFUE I like to say—Thank God for unemployment extensions.  Without them, I’d pretty much be penniless right now as technically, my unemployment is supposed to be up. Unfortunately, the Republicans are stalling the vote for another extension, and I’m sitting tight hoping the Senate will pass another one, or even better—I get a full-time job!  How are you feeling about extensions?

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Early Bird Specials Are Back

Can’t afford to eat out as much as before?  Just head out to restaurants a little bit earlier.  Discount dining is back in style, with several restaurants offering discounts before 6 p.m.  Early bird specials are no longer just for senior citizens looking to be thrifty, but for anybody who is willing to save a buck.


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Survey Says: Americans Not Happy at Work

The Conference Board research group conducted a survey that found 55 percent of Americans dissatisfied with their jobs—the highest rate in 22 years. Okay American employers:  I have an assignment for you.  Figure out how to make your employees happy!  I promise you’ll get higher productivity!


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