We’re broke.
We’re angry.
We’re frustrated.
We’re unemployed…

Like you.

There is strength in numbers. Join us.

We created this blog as way to keep you informed, entertained and enlightened.

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27 responses to “About

  1. Eddie

    Let’s not forget the 4,000,000 US citizens in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico who are suffering just as we are…

    just one of many layoffs

  2. Jenny

    Since you’re tracking this area, I stumbled on a similar site to yours It’s twilightpad.com. They’re not just focused on layoffs, but it seems like a large portion of their stuff right now is layoffs. Everybody is getting in on this game right now.

  3. donald

    what do you mean by the new black?

  4. pinkslipsarethenewblack

    You’ve never heard that idiom Donald? Go here for an explanation:


    And yes, I know that Wikipedia is not 100% reliable, but it’s good enough.

  5. pdgoselin

    Good to see someone taking up the issue, specifically, of the unemployed! Great job!

    My blog, Two Good Hands, focuses on the impact of the economic crisis for people in Connecticut . . . no, not Greenwich, where I hear some people may actually have to postpone buying this year’s BMW SUV – the horror! – but the rest of Connecticut, where working people are already suffering.


  6. Thanks for sharing this stuff.
    Already added to our future posts source at Fock 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing this stuff.
    Already added to our future posts sources at Fock 🙂

  8. It’s nice to find some other good unemployment blogs. I’m surprised there aren’t more, given all the layoffs. My blog is called Jobless and Less. Here’s a link to a sample post…


  9. Annys

    hi. how do i get in touch with you?
    reporter working on a story on jobless blogs. thanks.

  10. With some free time on my hands, I decided to write a book. If you have some free time (if you happen to be unemployed – or not) maybe you’d like to read some social commentary and political satire, for free. That’s right – FREE. The books are for sale at the store, but they are online in pdf format. This is my contribution, it’s what I’ve brought to the potluck dinner and it’s called “the, Art of a Meal”. You can find it at http://www.howlinwolfstudio.com/fxCvrARTOFAMEAL.pdf

  11. Recently laid off HR Manager California. I am trying to put together a group of HR professionals that can assist laid off workers with their job search, career change, and resume building.

    Anyone interested??

  12. I heard about Pink Slips Are The New Black on the news this morning. Great website!

    I’m unable to offer free services due to my own financial hardships, but I am offering 50% off my resume writing service fees to those who have been out of work for more than 6 months. If you’re interested, go to http://www.adminresumes.net.

    Good luck to everyone!

  13. I am fashion designer in Brazil and am in house making bitter one I remove forced and bitter taste….Talent does not lack to me. But the lack of support in the sector is clamorous… But in house I strengthened my armory of qualifications and I am ready pra stops a new intelligent war with the market of jeanswear. The chance appears for the positioning. I = Art of the War. I go to be successful….I go to transpose barriers… Intelligence of war…. I AM IN THE GAME….

      After 9 months off of work, I can say I did the free time the largest research laboratory handled my service denim designer. And the result is that I am 10 years ahead of my peers here in Brazil. What has changed in 9 months? It’s simple … when working forget that our greatest weapon is knowledge … Now I have sources of research that I leave the years ahead of competitors. In fact today I can predict the future of the market. And set my own concept of trendforecasting. The world is not only your own work or the product resulting therefrom. The world to me today are the trends that will decide the ways that most will go. Why this color and not another?. What we want in the next 10 years? What will be safer to do to overcome the present and anticipate the future? Good .. I am no longer a plaything of the market! Now I also decided the game and create the rules. Because I know the paths. MYSELF IS THAT THEY CONSTRUCTION …

      follow me on twiter :

  14. I am fashion designer and being in house I congregated an armory of qualifications to stop a war of intelligence with the market of jeanswear of which ” I make part”. I go to be successful is a positioning question! I AM IN THE GAME….

  15. As a way of giving back and helping those in need, my boss, called an “Expert on Staffing” by the Wall Street Journal, is offering expert advice, books, and tips on how to find the right job for you, how to set yourself apart from other applicants, and how to network to find your dream job. Please visit his site. http://www.wayneoutlaw.blogspot.com.

    God bless you and may you all find your dream job, as I have.

  16. Bear

    Cindy – Have you seen the JobAngels group on LinkedIn?
    Also, I’m trying to keep it positive — posting jobs and other information at http://plasticskyscraper.wordpress.com/. Hopefully it will help folks find opportunities other than on the job boards and such.

    Good luck!

  17. My partner and I found ourselves among the 8.5% late last year, it was about 7% then. We decided the one of the best ways to survive joblessness is to build a network or community of our peers. We’ve developed a social networking website for those who’ve been laid off, out of work, about to be out of work, under-employeds, and concerned supporters that provides help, ideas, networking, daily support, laughter and a place to vent!
    We are getting some traction and we see others are doing similar things. The resources and support we get the more likely we will be nojob survivors.

    Good luck all.

  18. It’s no fun being dropped from your job and forgotten. So many people are experiencing it now days, and it’s sad. You have a cool site here, with the video on it.

    I have a Laidoffguy site with a lot of tips that you may want to drop over to and see what you think. Here’s a landing page for the site – http://iwaslaidoff.info/land1/

    Best wishes to you,

    Jim Landis

  19. Great stuff. It’s a stop on my internet train everyday during my unemployment.

    I also have been working on a site for the unemployed. It’s a community site. I found that talking with other unemployed people helped me so I started a site where the unemployed can easily blog their stories.

    The site is http://im-unemployed.com. Let me know what you think.

  20. Hey!

    Funny that you guys are USA based and I’m here in my little upstairs ‘office’ near Oxford, England sharing the same frustrations, depressions, anger (not at the ex company) and determination to not allow being out of work to get me dowm

    So I founded P45camp for the out of work UK people.

  21. I love the title of your blog. I think the ability to keep a sense of humor in the face of some really difficult situation is key to surviving it.

    What always irked me was that when I knew women who were not employed outside the home, they were called “stay at home moms” and essentially applauded, while dads who did the same thing were “Unemployed,” always said with a tone that indicated the speaker thought they were bums.

    I’m writing a story about a lawyer who’s been laid off (as so many have) and I’d love to refer to your blog. Would I have your permission to do this?


  22. Hi, I was laid off in February/2009. I am age 75 and have not required assistance from any states unemployment system since I was out of work after being honorably discharged from the U.S. ARMY May 25, 1955. My work history has been in Consumer Finance and Insurance (L,H,F.S. Property Casualty and Personal Lines). My AGENCY was SOLD to a Small Agency in 1991. Since then (last 18 years) our Agency has grown and proven to be very succesful while New Management and adhearance to COMPANY POLICY has changed severely. I was laid off WITHOUT any SEVERANCE, Have NO CAR and, OF COURSE, been unable to locate New Employment. SO, WE HAVE A LOT IN COMMON. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US.

  23. Hi–great website! There are a lot of people are in the same boat–hang in there. Check out our blog series for more inspiration: http://www.collegesurfing.com/blog/2009/11/30/from-laid-off-to-learning/

  24. Great blog. I thought you might be interested in this jobs program we launched today: The UpMo Job Stimulus Plan http://www.upmo.com/stimulus/welcome.html

    Here’s the press release announcing program:
    Upwardly Mobile Unveils ‘The UpMo Job Stimulus Plan’ to Aid Laid-Off Workers This Holiday Season
    Scientifically-Proven Career Service Offers 1,000 Free Three-Month Memberships

    PALO ALTO, Calif., Dec. 17 /PRNewswire/ — Coming on the heels of a rise in first-time jobless claims, Upwardly Mobile, Inc. (UpMo), a Palo Alto, Calif.-based career management service that develops patent-pending technologies and algorithms to accelerate professionals’ job search and long-term career planning, today announced the launch of The UpMo Job Stimulus Plan (http://www.upmo.com/stimulus/welcome.html) to help fight unemployment. UpMo recognizes the tremendous job losses from this year’s mass layoffs and the urgent need to transition downsized workers into new employment opportunities. Through UpMo’s Job Stimulus Plan, the company is offering their subscription-based service at UpMo.com free for three months to individuals who lost jobs in the biggest layoffs of 2009.

    Included in this offer to the first 1,000 eligible respondents is unrestricted access to the Intelligent Job Hunt(TM), a patent-pending, algorithmic job search solution that accelerates job-seekers’ search for their next job opportunity. Based on proven best practices that make professionals up to 87% more likely to find a job, the Intelligent Job Hunt(TM) gives job-seekers an inside edge in identifying and landing desirable opportunities that they have a high probability of securing.

    “We’re clearly facing an employment crisis,” says Promise Phelon, CEO and Founder of UpMo.com. “Losing your job is an unspeakably difficult event. What many people are finding out right now, however, is that getting that next job may be even more troublesome, with the average job search lasting over six months. UpMo can help. Nothing would make us happier this holiday season than to help some of the 2.5 million workers laid off in 2009 confidently land their next jobs.”

    How UpMo Works

    Using a rich assessment tool developed in collaboration with Robert Half International, UpMo’s innovative service first gets professionals ready for the job hunt by evaluating how prepared they are to land a job in the next 90 days and offering personalized best-practice guidance to increase their chances of getting hired. UpMo then delivers the Intelligent Job Hunt(TM), an algorithmic job-matching solution that draws on data from the user’s professional network, career history, and future professional aspirations to identify compatible job matches that the user has a high probability of securing. UpMo continues by leading users through a customized Action Plan focusing on the precise activities that will maximize a user’s chance of success–both in the short-term job search and in the pursuit of longer-term career objectives.

    About UpMo

    Founded in 2008, Upwardly Mobile, Inc. is a privately-held company committed to taking on the difficult challenges that help people appreciate their most valuable asset–their career. UpMo.com’s always-on solution is an intelligent, personalized career service that uses expert insights and patent-pending scientific tools to empower business professionals and job seekers to confidently get the job they want faster and stay ahead in their career. For more information, visit the website http://www.UpMo.com.

    Upwardly Mobile is located at Palo Alto’s renowned 165 University Avenue, a historic Silicon Valley office building that once housed Google, PayPal, Logitech and several other successful tech companies.

    SOURCE Upwardly Mobile, Inc.

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