New York City’s Unemployment Numbers Go Down

WSJ reports that New York City’s unemployment numbers declined last month to 9.6 percent. I hope I can contribute to that number dipping soon. While I’m getting by on a combination of unemployment and freelance work here and there, I’m sick of the uncertainty of it all. One week yields enough work for two people, so I’m basically working day and night for a week, while another week brings nothing. None of my gigs are steady, so I’m constantly on the hustle, looking for every way I can to make money. I really hope New York City’s unemployment numbers continue to drop this month and that I’ll be a part of that!



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4 responses to “New York City’s Unemployment Numbers Go Down

  1. snowballs

    probably because people are moving out of the state.

  2. andrewatlanta

    I have been unemployed for 3.5 years and am about to turn 59. I had a highly successful career as an editor at two national research universities, and I am the author of two novels. My prospects for full-time employment are pretty much nil. I have been given the opportunity to live on a mountain in Southern California, where I hope to regain my health and my sanity. I am blogging about this experience in what I hope is a positive and life-affirming way. If you want to link to my blog, please do so:

  3. FJM

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  4. mariea

    This site may help with some ideas to help survive if you are unemployed. Check it out:

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