My Odds of Getting a Job?

On the last interview I went to, the HR manager revealed to me that they received 250 applications for the two freelance positions, and that they selected 15 to interview and that two lucky candidates would be hired. That’s basically a .8 percent chance. He thought he was giving me a compliment when he told me I was one of 15 selected to interview. I thought to myself that my odds of getting into an elite Ivy League university, like Harvard, for example, are much higher. And they are, at 6.9 percent!

The going rate for competitive industries in New York is pretty low. I heard one job posting yielded 500 applications for one position! It’s ridiculous!

It must be insane for the hiring managers who have to select one lucky person out of several more than qualified candidates. I’m sure any one of the candidates would do a great job, so it really comes down to who you know, how they felt they got along with you or some other detail you can’t really control. Any suggestions on what I can do to make myself stand out more?



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5 responses to “My Odds of Getting a Job?

  1. Some suggest that automating the process generate better picks – and remove the “who you know” aspect.
    (It was a compliment by the way, to be in the top few per cent.)

  2. Sabrina

    It’s not just NY competitive industries. I hear the same numbers about Administrative Assistant roles here in Omaha.

  3. Scatcat

    The ridiculous competition mentioned make me wonder. I think this is a clear sign one need to change careers or consder relaocating where demand is greater.

    For me I am considering overseas and remote location work. The idea few are willing to move to get the job.

  4. The amazing thing, to me, is that anyone is hiring at all. The fact that there are some jobs still out there does give one hope.

  5. Mal

    It’s not just NY, it’s DC too, for the life of me I couldn’t make anything happen there. I live in AZ now but I used a friend’s DC address on my resumes so they didn’t just throw them out immediately. After a good 4 months of constant resume sending the one guy that called me for an interview revealed that over 300 applications were received and that I was 1 of 6. I didn’t get the job. But after that I kept applying but got absolutely nothing, I lost count long ago. But then I realized it’s not just the big cities, it’s here too in Arizona. I managed to find something that really suits me out here which is magical in itself, but it’s still taking a long time with the company that I’m interviewing with…2 interviews totaling 3 hours 15 minutes for 2 different positions with 8 different staff members and I still have no idea when I’ll even know about a decision. No clue whatsoever. Employers have such an advantage now that they don’t even have to pretend to be interested in their top candidates. I have to say that this company has been good about the process in general, at least compared to some of the horror stories I’ve come across. But still after everything I mentioned that I’ve gone through to get a job with this company I’m still in the dark. Why is that? I know everyone is busy, I know there are many other priorities to deal with, but I don’t care, I should be respected enough to be kept informed of the process because I have something they want: skills and talent. I really think employers are loosing sight of that in a climate that gives them the complete upper hand.

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