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New York City’s Unemployment Numbers Go Down

WSJ reports that New York City’s unemployment numbers declined last month to 9.6 percent. I hope I can contribute to that number dipping soon. While I’m getting by on a combination of unemployment and freelance work here and there, I’m sick of the uncertainty of it all. One week yields enough work for two people, so I’m basically working day and night for a week, while another week brings nothing. None of my gigs are steady, so I’m constantly on the hustle, looking for every way I can to make money. I really hope New York City’s unemployment numbers continue to drop this month and that I’ll be a part of that!



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My Odds of Getting a Job?

On the last interview I went to, the HR manager revealed to me that they received 250 applications for the two freelance positions, and that they selected 15 to interview and that two lucky candidates would be hired. That’s basically a .8 percent chance. He thought he was giving me a compliment when he told me I was one of 15 selected to interview. I thought to myself that my odds of getting into an elite Ivy League university, like Harvard, for example, are much higher. And they are, at 6.9 percent!

The going rate for competitive industries in New York is pretty low. I heard one job posting yielded 500 applications for one position! It’s ridiculous!

It must be insane for the hiring managers who have to select one lucky person out of several more than qualified candidates. I’m sure any one of the candidates would do a great job, so it really comes down to who you know, how they felt they got along with you or some other detail you can’t really control. Any suggestions on what I can do to make myself stand out more?


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New York Times Wants Senate to Extend Unemployment

I saw this editorial on today calling for the Senate to extend unemployment benefits. I feel like this debate happens on a monthly basis, and once again, the Senate needs to vote. I know this is a controversial issue for many of you, but without these benefits, millions of Americans would be on the verge of homelessness without any means to support themselves. If there was a way to increase job growth, I’d be all for that. If someone gave me a full-time job, I’d be more than happy to accept, but until more people find work, unemployment benefits are the only way to keep going.

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Sorry for the Hiatus!

Sorry for the very long break I’ve taken from the blog. I’m still underemployed, without a full-time job. I freelance now and then, and I’ve been going on interviews weekly to no avail! I’m going to try to post weekly and let you know how it’s going. I’m personally fed up and frustrated. How many interviews does it take? For those of you who have managed to get work again, how long did it take you? How many interviews did you have to go on?


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