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Good Riddance 2009!!!

May 2010 bring us more work and a better economy!



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The Fashion World Mourns Phi

Yesterday Phi announced it was shutting down due to the Great Recession’s economic climate.  Most of you probably don’t know of Phi, the high-end luxury label founded by Susan Dell, wife of Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell.

I remember admiring Phi’s architecturally sleek, sexy and tough designs when we used a dress and those booties on the left for a photo shoot I worked on.  Several celebs and fashion editors revered and wore the label, which was founded in 2003.  Apparently critical acclaim didn’t translate into sales for the company, and the recession got the best of them.

It doesn’t surprise me, considering most could never afford the clothes (the boots retailed for $995), especially not those out of job.  Fashionistas everywhere are in mourning.  Hopefully the label will come back in another incarnation in the future.

(See the a photo from the shoot I used those shoes in after the jump)

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Do I Attract What I Put Out?

I was thinking about this just now.  The last four guys I’ve dated have been underemployed or unemployed—unstable, basically—just like me.  One guy was unemployed and bounced through traveling, friends’ apartments and his parents’ home; another lost his job and couldn’t pay rent; another was underemployed, doing odd jobs and had just moved back in with his mother—a boomerang child; and another waited tables at a dead-end restaurant and got fired during our stint.  I freelance here and there and collect unemployment while crashing in a friend’s spare room.  All that leads to the question:

Am I attracting what I put out?

Or are there just a lot of un(der)employed people roaming around New York?

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So Close

I ended up not getting the job.  It’s so frustrating to have made it to the final round and not get hired.  I wonder why they decided not to hire me for the position.  Was I overqualified?  Did I say the wrong thing?  Wear the wrong outfit?  But, the editor in chief called me personally and told me they were a big fan and they would like to hear my voice on their website—as a freelance blogger.  I have yet to hear the details, so I don’t know if they want me to do it full-time or not.  If it yields a steady paycheck, I’ll be relieved.  As the Rolling Stones song goes: “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need…”

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Congress Approves Unemployment Benefits Extension

Whew.  I can breathe a sigh of relief for two more months because my unemployment was about to run out.  I had no idea what I was going to do.  I just tried not to think about it.

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The Waiting Game

So I’ve been going through the interview process for a job I really want, and I’ve made it to the final round after taking an edit test, interviewing with the hiring editors—and then the final with the editor-in-chief.  I’m so close and this job would combine so much of my skill set and interests.  I met with the editor-in-chief last Thursday and he told me they would be making the decision Friday.  I waited and waited, and soon Friday came and went with no word!  Now I have to wait until Monday!  I figure it’s one of three things:

A. They hired somebody else and have left me in the dark about that.

B. The decision making process is taking longer than expected.

C. They made a decision, but HR has yet to create the offer letter if they are indeed the messenger.

The wait is driving me CRAZY!  I thought yesterday might be my last day of unemployment so I did something I don’t usually do.  I sat around and watched TV and napped all day, waiting anxiously for a call, but NOTHING.  My friend told me not to worry because I would have heard something either way.  I’m really hoping this is the end of being unemployed.  I miss working hard.  If I don’t get it, back to the interview and applying game.  Wish me luck!

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