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Inappropriate Comment of the Day

“You want to be unemployed.”

-My dad

Dear Dad,

Contrary to your belief, I don’t want to be unemployed. In fact, I would love nothing more than to have a job to go to Monday through Friday, or hell, even Tuesday through Saturday. I’m really sick of living off of unemployment and being so poor that I can’t afford to eat or buy anything. I would really like to work hard and use my brain and make money, hopefully at a job that provides health insurance so I can visit a doctor and not have to worry about going bankrupt if I get hurt or sick. Believe me dad, if I could, I would work. I would work every day! Unfortunately, the economy sucks, nobody is hiring, and if they are, there are usually 200+ applicants I’m competing with.

Would somebody who wants to be unemployed apply to numerous jobs every day? Would somebody who wants to be unemployed try to network with everybody she could? Next time, you should think twice before you say something like that.

Your daughter who wants more than anything to be employed



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Lucky Lou Dobbs

The anchor reportedly got an $8 million dollar severance package to leave his job at CNN a year and a half before his $12 million dollar contract was to run out.  With that kind of severance package, I would never need to work again!  I guess the network got tired of watching his stories disputing Obama’s birth in the United States.

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Unemployed Save More With Kmart Smart Assist

Picture 3It’s nice to see some companies trying to give back during these rough times. Kmart has been doing its share with its layaway program, and now it has something called Kmart Smart Assist, a program designed to help unemployed customers by giving them 20 percent off household basics.  I try to pinch pennies wherever I can, and it’s nice to see a retail operation trying to help.

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Own a Piece of Madoff

Picture 1
Items from the evil Mr. Madoff’s home were auctioned off yesterday:

Among the items at Saturday’s auction were 17 Rolexes, jewelry, Native American prints, and odd things like a milking stool, a creamer in the shape of a cow, and a worn white boogie board with the name Madoff written on it. The U.S. Marshals Service ran the event, which made it a very different affair from most auctions.

And we think we have it tough.  At least we weren’t swindling millions of dollars from people and living super large, just to get caught and branded with the word SWINDLER on our forehead and end up in jail with all our possessions being sold at auction.

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I Can’t Afford to Heart NY


My sentiment exactly.  Get the t-shirt here.

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Overheard in a Coffee Shop

“I can’t even pay my rent.”

-The Barista


Can anybody pay their rent in New York these days?  I keep on hearing stories left and right about people who can’t afford to pay their rent.


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So How About a Plan B?

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with somebody who is in a similar situation as me, except that he has a job.  He works in documentary filmmaking, which is a branch of journalism in a way.  Like me, he feels stuck in an industry where there is a lot of competition and low wages.  He told me that a lot of people told him not to do it when he first started, but he went for it.  Recently stuck with grim job prospects, he founded his own small scale production company which caters to a very niche market, but since that niche market isn’t doing too well, neither is his company.  So now, even with a college degree and six years of work experience, he spends a few days a week as a barista in a café.  He’s also working as an apprentice to become a dog trainer.  And, he moved back home to save money.

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