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More Homeless Sleeping Underground

So I saved $15 by taking the subway home tonight.  I noticed more people than usual are sleeping in the stations and on the trains.  It’s rough out there.



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Two Great Recession Era Terms I Despise

Frugalista and recessionista.  I’m sick of hearing them, and if anybody calls me either, I’m going to cringe.

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From Homeowner to Homeless Shelter

Picture 6Sheri West once owned a home, but that soon changed, as she spent more than she earned. Her husband left her, she went into a depression. Soon the mortgage company was after her, threatening foreclosure. She took an offer of $2,500 and moved out. After a year of couch surfing with friends and family, she’s exhausted her resources, and is now forced to live in a homeless shelter. Her fate is similar to many Americans, who have been forced into homelessness by circumstances beyond their control.

While I’ve never owned a home, I only have until May of next year to stay in my friend’s spare bedroom rent free.  He needs to rent it out in order earn more income.  I’m forever indebted and enormously grateful to him for housing me for this long.  While six months seems like more than enough time to find a job, the past six months have yielded nothing for me in terms of job offers.  It’s sink or swim come May, and for now I’m staying afloat—barely.  I hope I don’t end up in a homeless shelter.


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Double the Disappointment

Picture 5

The New York Times profiled the story of Kristy and Katie Barry, 24-year-old twins who arrived in New York in search of a job in *cough* journalism.  You all know how difficult it’s been for me to find a job—and I have experience and a master’s degree!  These two have applied for 150 jobs, without so much as one callback.  Imagine how much harder it is for entry level folks.  These girls aren’t exactly unemployed—one works as a bartender and makes a pretty decent living—$800 a week, more than I’ve ever earned, even with a full-time job in journalism.

New York isn’t exactly the best market to search for an entry-level journalism job, especially in this day and age, when four Condé Nast titles just purged their entire editorial staffs.  It looks like you have to either be really connected, or leave New York.  Talent alone isn’t enough.  And from the looks of this article, it seems like that has yet to be seen. Welcome to the real world girls!  Pink Slips Are the New Black wishes you the best of luck!


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Unemployed Bloggers Be Weary!

Thank goodness I don’t have Google AdSense on this blog! I could lose my unemployment benefits!

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