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Alternative Employment in Weeds

weedsVia PostSecret


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Columbia J-Schoolers Want You

Two of my fellow Columbia J-Schoolers are looking for an unemployed New Yorker near his/her last unemployment check to profile for a new media project. Here’s the e-mail I got:

My name is Shefali Kulkarni and I’m a reporter with the Columbia Journalism School here in New York. My colleague Sarah and I are doing an online media project about the unemployed New Yorker. We are looking for New Yorkers who may be running on their last unemployment check. Would you happen to know anyone in the New York area who we could profile?

Shoot Shefali an e-mail if you have any leads at

Thank you!

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Things Are Picking Up

Hi everybody, I’ve been so busy with numerous projects, I haven’t had time to update! Posts will be happening more sporadically, but I’ll definitely keep you plugged in when I have time.

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Fashion Week Hiatus

So, I’m going to be out this week attending shows, parties and networking since it’s fashion week! Hopefully I’ll find some job leads! I’ll be posting less frequently, but I’ll put stuff up when I can. Until next time!

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The Discarded Wants You

Picture 2Somebody sent me an e-mail about an interesting project:

The unemployment rate is 9.4% and over 6.7 million workers have lost their jobs due to the recession.  Who are the people that make up these staggering statistics?

That’s what The Discarded wants to know. In an attempt to put a face to each of the over 6.7 million people who have lost jobs because of the recession, The Discarded is calling out to all of us, submit your story here.

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Blackout Film Festival Hits New York

Picture 1

A film festival featuring The Great Recession?  You know we have to check it out on September 19.  Click here for more information.

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Calling Former Lehman Brothers Employees

Did you lose your job because of the Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy?

France 2 TV is looking for former Lehman Brothers employees who would be willing to tell them about their lives since the crash.

If you or anybody you know is interested, contact Julie Sibony at:

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