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Cough Cough Sniffle Sniffle

I have a cold.  A really deep chest cough.  Go away!  It’s one thing being unemployed, but unemployed and sick?  Oh well, at least I don’t have an office to go to.  I can’t wait until my health is back to normal!  I hate summer colds.  Icky!  It could be worse, right?


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Today in Layoff Land

Baker Botts LLP lays off 7

The Steffes Corp. lays off 19

Teva Pharmaceuticals cuts about 95

Northern Indiana Public Service Co. to cut jobs

Whirlpool Corp. to cut 1,100

University of North Carolina System to eliminate 900 jobs

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Today in Layoff Land

The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond cuts 52

Alcatel-Lucent lays off 12 percent of Raleigh, N.C. employees

Levi, Ray & Shoup lays off 22

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How to Keep Your Employed Partner Happy

What not to do if youre unemployed and in a relationship with somebody who works

What not to do if you're unemployed and in a relationship with somebody who works

Lucky me, I’m not in a relationship!  While it is nice to have somebody to cuddle with, I discovered another great reason to be single.  I don’t have to deal with an employed partner!  For those of you hare in that situation here are some tips on how to deal that I found on the Huffington Post:

Stephen Viscusi Top Ten Ways to Keep your Love One’s Off Your Back, While Unemployed

1. Always get up, out of bed, and dressed before your partner. Never “sleep in” while they are getting ready for work. Instead, you get your butt out of bed and get to work making coffee and a tasty breakfast if you have to.

2. Do not put on gym clothes, sweat suits, or stay in your robe. “Look” like you are going to look for work “Looking the part” is part of the charade, I mean, technique.
3. Ask “What would you like for dinner?” It shows your willingness to contribute.
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Paris Update

No response.  I think that means I’m off their list of candidates.  😦

But—I do have an interview tomorrow for a part-time freelance position.  *Fingers crossed!*

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What Would You Do for Money?

A few months ago, Bridget started to get so desperate for cash that she applied and interviewed to be a foot fetish girl.  Unwilling to grant her interviewer a foot job, she realized very quickly that it wasn’t the right position for her.

This morning I went swimming at my friend’s apartment building and left my swimsuit there.  I texted her, writing that I would just pick it up next time I came over to swim.

“Haha I’ll sell it to some pervert on craigslist ;),” she responded.

That got me thinking.  Could I really make money off of selling silly things like used swimsuits or underwear?  Then I came across this blog post about a woman in New York who advertises on websites like Craigslist.  She meets the buyer in a public place like Starbucks, flashes her thong, then throws one of the thongs she bought in bulk (not the one she was wearing) which she has treated with yogurt and other goodies to make it appear used into a brown paper bag, trading a wad of cash for the used underwear.

While it sounds like easy money, I don’t think I could go there.  Could you?

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J’ai Besoin d’une Carte de Séjour!

I saw an opening for a reporter at a very reputable fashion trade rag and jumped at it, immediately sending an application.  But there is one big catch—the position is based in Paris!  I figured I’ve always wanted to work abroad and since I studied there way back when, why not?  Three weeks passed until I got an e-mail today from the HR person asking me if I had work papers.  Um, well, I don’t.  But I really want the job!  And, je peux parler Français!  What should I do?  Here are my options:

A. Lie and say yes—which I’m not going to do, because I would be even more screwed if I got hired and couldn’t produce the papers.

B. Say no, but that I’ll contribute to the cost of the visa.

C. Marry a French guy so I can get work papers.

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