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The Ultimate Depressionista: The First Lady


Who says cheap ain’t chic? Well maybe Laura Bush, but her waspy azz is back in Texas where it belongs, so ha!

According to ‘My Bible,’ Us Weekly, Mrs. Obama plans on decorating The White House with stuff from Pottery Barn and Anthropologie. See people, you can be fabulous and fiscally responsible at the same time!!



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Welfare Abuse Alert!


This morning when I was half awake I had the Today Show on and they were talking about that crazy woman in California that just popped out eight kids in the span of five minutes.

Not only does she already have SIX children, ages 2-7, but she also declared bankruptcy last year and moved in with her parents. And it’s “unclear” whether she’s employed. Triple whammy!!

The doctor on TV said that each child will most likely ring up a $300,000-$400,000 hospital bill due to their premature births. Multiply that by eight, and the taxpayers of California will be shelling out approximately $3.5 MILLION for this wacko chica!!!

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Maybe Send $$$ To Skools, Not Banxxxs?


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Employers: You’re Driving Us Insane!

Any company that thinks that layoffs aren’t f#$%ing with our heads is insane.  The L.A. Times reports that the psychological fallout from a layoff lasts six years!!  And, that layoffs can lead to:

worsening physical health: They eat differently, smoke more, suffer from neck and back pain, and increase their use of sick days. Workplace injuries also rise.

And it’s not only the people who got laid off either. The people who were spared suffer as well, with rising workloads. Companies are INSANE.  They think they can cut bodies to save money, and give everybody else more work than they can handle!  I won’t be surprised there are more mass murders in the workplace.  Companies need to look at how they’re screwing up lives, not at how cutting employees will make their wallets fatter.

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Los Angeles Times Lays Off 70 Newsroom Positions


The gutting of the LAT continues. The newsroom is now at 565. In the late ’90s, the number of newsroom staff peaked at about 1,300.

Altogether, 300 layoffs are in the works. LAobserved has the in-house email announcements.

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Death of Print: Update!


The Baltimore Examiner was for sale, but no one bought. So now, it will fold.

The Los Angeles Times is discontinuing its local “California” news section, reports:

Some LAT officials fear this might be a tipping point. “We can’t keep alienating our core readers,” a senior person told me. Papers that have tried doing away with just their Business sections have been stunned by the backlash; the Orange County Register reversed its decision to mollify readers.

The Wall Street Journal will likely lay off 50.

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What To Do If You Are REALLY Broke


Scrounge around your digs looking for crap to send to CASH4GOLD.COM! That’s what hard up celebs are doing too!

MC Hammer and Ed McMahon are featured in a new commercial for the company, which will premiere during Sunday’s Superbowl. GENIUS!


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