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Sadly I Cannot Apply! But Maybe You Can!


Are you a Real Life RUNAWAY BRIDE? Casting women to star in new series (New York)

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Date: 2008-11-28, 2:07PM EST

Casting single women to star in new Major Cable Network Series!

*Are you a Real Life RUNAWAY BRIDE?

*Have your commitment issues or fear of marriage caused you to call off more than one wedding?

*Are you ready to retire your running shoes and find true love and happily ever after?

If so, this brand new series will give you the opportunity to work with one of the country’s top matchmakers, and you will receive free services worth upwards of 20,000 dollars! The matchmaker has close to a 100 percent success rate, so you will provide the ultimate challenge and be one of the star characters on the show!

Email the casting department a photo, your contact information, age, and a bio.

Let us know your real life runaway bride story and why you want to do this show!


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Health Can’t Not Health Care


I thought this Washington Post article would be most appropriate to share as I just made my first unemployment COBRA payment of $450 for the month of December.

My favorite part of the story is as follows,

“There is more than enough money in the system,” said former House speaker Newt Gingrich, who runs the District-based Center for Health Transformation. “We just are not spending it well.”

The United States today devotes 16 percent of its gross domestic product to medical care, more per capita than any other nation in the world. Yet numerous measures indicate the country lags in overall health: It ranks 29th in infant mortality, 48th in life expectancy and 19th out of 19 industrialized nations in preventable deaths.


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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

nogiftsWith all the layoffs and businesses closing down, people are struggling about how to keep their holiday traditions alive despite non-existent or lower incomes.  No more exravagant gifts or fancy parties.  Many  people simply can’t afford them.  The New York Times has an article on how people are altering their holiday plans due to the economic downturn.

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The Search for the $100,000 Job

ptg00170750You used to have a job.  It paid you a lot of money.  You lost your job.  You’re on the hunt for a job that pays just as much as you used to make. You’re in trouble as there’s more competition for those jobs. TIME’s Jeremy Caplan goes into how you and your buddies are coping.

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Incoming Pink Slip


For some unforeseen reason, aside from a lack of imagination by the dummies that run NBC, they aired a Rosie O’Donnell “variety show” Wednesday night. No, that was not a typo and yes it is 2008.

“Rosie Live” was conceived to be a possible series, such as those 70s classics as “Donny & Marie” and “The Sonny & Cher Show,” if viewers “embraced” this re-hashed concept. Not so sadly for America, the show apparently tanked and things are not looking good for the outspoken comedienne.

As depressed as most of you are right now, I’m predicting that Rosie will most likely need to go back to her personal blog where she can’t write in full sentences and posts weird videos of her talking head.

UPDATE!!! Rosie herself wrote:

there will b no more

no ratings
bad reviews

yet still – a thrill 4 me


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Obama Promises to Create Jobs

Will that mean we’ll be able to find work next year?  From the Wall Street Journal:

President-elect Barack Obama, in unveiling his economic team this week, pledged to “hit the ground running” upon his Jan. 20 inauguration, adding that “the economic crisis we face demands that we invest immediately” to create jobs and cut middle-class taxes.

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Today in Layoff Land

Silicon Valley starts to feel the sting of the swinging ax.

Google is laying off people, but not really.

Budget cuts will cost 85 state jobs in Illinois.

DHL cuts 130 more air park jobs in Willimington, Ohio.

Even sheriffs are getting laid off in Lewis & Clark Co., Montana.

Virginia flooring company lays off 60.

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